We at Timber Art design, plan and build wooden structures and furniture using fine carpentry skills.
The perfect integration of traditional carpentry methods gathered from all over the world with advanced design and implementation capabilities, enables the execution of accurate and complex projects.
We at Timber Art offer a personal and reliable service from the first meeting. We are responsible for all the details of the project and supply quality products with warranty and guaranteed satisfactions for years to come.


We at Timber Art master the Timber Frame method for constructing wooden frames for pergolas, wooden roofs, extensions, furniture and complete house frames.
Timber Frame is a carpentry method used for building with massive wooden beams and using wooden joinery. Timber Frame has centuries of old origins in Japan, Western Europe and North America and has made a great comeback in the past few decades with modern and creative designs.

Timber Art is led by Tom Ephrati, who started his career in the high-tech industry and then made his way to the carpentry world, swept by the romance of the live material and the endless possibilities, to design and create structures and furniture with character.
Tom believes that structures who follow the correct construction rules  will have a longer life, stable and harmonic composition.